Bizen pottery is put in a burning kiln unglazed but aquires a natural ash glaze and subdued shadings. The sake bottles made by Bizen pottery keep Japanese sake good taste, a vase made by Bizen pottery keep flower fresh and Bizen's beer-mug make a lot of small bubbles inside the mug and make beer good taste.
MY ancestor, Kimura was one of 6 families who were designated to be the sole makers of Bizen pottery by Lord Ikeda at the Edo period.
While I took the lessons in the tea ceremony and appreciated the tea set (many of which were Bizen ware) I had interests in Bizen pottery.
I was trained by Hikaru Shimamura, a great master of Bizen pottery.

My Career 

  1995   Exhibit my work on the 46th Okayama Prefecture Art Exhibition
1996   Win the prize in the 47th Okayama Prefecture Art Exhibition

HISASHI KOSAKA(medical doctor)

KOSAKA NAIKA (internal medicine) CLINIC

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